NEW YORK - (AP) - The accuser has been called to testify against aNew York City officer charged with sodomizing him with a policebaton. Two fellow policemen are charged with covering up thealleged attack.

Michael Mineo, a tattoo parlor employee, says he was attacked onOct. 15, 2008 in a Brooklyn subway station.

Mineo testified Monday that he'd been smoking marijuana on thatday, and officers told him he was going to be arrested. He said heran because he was out on bail on a gang assault charge and was notcarrying identification.

The three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

Officer Richard Kern is charged with aggravated sexual abuse andassault. Officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales are charged withhindering prosecution and official misconduct.

If convicted, Kern could face up to 25 years in prison; theothers could face up to four years.