BROOKLYN - The body of missing autistic man Brian Gewirtz was found Thursday night.

The medical examiner confirmed Friday that Gewirtz, 20, was discovered along the shoreline of nearby Marine Park Golf Course. He was last seen Feb. 17 leaving his Marine Park home.

The family of Gewirtz says they believe he wandered onto the golf course because of his love of the outdoors. They also say his diabetes may have contributed to his death.

Gewirtz suffered from an auditory processing disorder, which means he sometimes had a neurological delay in comprehending information. He also suffered from Type 2 diabetes and did not have his medication while missing.

Loved ones scoured the borough for weeks in their search for Gewirtz, and expanded their search to Monroe, Orange County in hopes of finding him. They even attempted to search the golf course where he was found, but say they were turned away because the area is fenced off.

The family declined an autopsy due to their Jewish faith, but say there was no evidence of foul play.