BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn mother was reunited with her son after he went missing after school.

Rhonda McLaurin says that at 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the school bus driver of her son Jordan's bus called her to tell her that her son did not board.

Eight-year-old Jordan has autism. When McLaurin arrived at P.S. 140, she says the school's principal was looking through surveillance video, but that her son was still missing.

"They said they don't know where he is," she said. "They are assuming he was placed on the wrong bus, but they couldn't tell what bus it was."

It took almost two hours for faculty to locate Jordan and bring him back to his mother.

She says the school should never have lost sight of him in the first place. She says her son was wearing a name tag that was labeled with the correct bus, and that the aide who helped him board the wrong bus should have seen it.

McLaurin says she has contacted the Department of Education. She says that the situation was unacceptable, especially since her son has autism.