BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn man who was missing for a month has been found safe, officials say.

As News 12 has reported, 67-year-old Irvin Wright Sr., who has schizophrenia, had been last seen on June 3 on Ocean Avenue in Flatbush.

Wright is now back home with his family after a couple spotted him in a supermarket. After seeing a report on the missing man, they used the News 12 app to confirm Wright's identity, and then approached him.

They found out Wright was staying at the Oasis Motel on Flatlands Avenue. The information was relayed to police.

Wright's son, Irvin Wright Jr., confirmed to News 12 that his father was found at the motel, where he had been staying for two days. Wright Sr. was then taken to Brookdale Hospital, and is now back home with his family.