BROOKLYN - A mistrial was declared Monday in the case of a third suspect accused of killing an NYPD officer during a 2007 traffic stop.

Lee Woods, and two others, were accused of killing Detective Russel Timoshenko. A separate jury was assigned to each of the accused during the trial. Dexter Bostic was found guilty on all charges, including aggravated murder, aggravated attempted murder and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Robert Ellis was acquitted of murder and attempted murder, but found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon.

Prosecutors say Woods was the driver the night of the 2007 traffic stop. They say when Timoshenko and his partner, Detective Herman Yan, pulled over a suspicious SUV, the vehicle?s occupants opened fire and killed Timoshenko. Yan was injured in the shooting.

The mistrial in Woods? case occurred after a juror became sick and could not continue with deliberations. Defense lawyers refused to allow deliberations to re-start with an alternate juror.

A Jan. 14 hearing has been scheduled to discuss the Woods? retrial.

AP wires contributed to this report.

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