BROOKLYN - The case against Lee Woods, one of the three men accused of fatally shooting a New York City police officer and wounding his partner, may be headed for a mistrial.

Deliberations in the murder trial came to a halt after juror number 11 felt sick and was sent to the hospital Friday morning. She must visit a doctor Monday afternoon before deciding if she can continue deliberating.

Woods, who is facing a murder charge in the shooting death of Detective Russel Timoshenko, did not consent to replacing the juror with an alternate. If the juror leaves the panel Monday, Wood?s case is likely to end in mistrial.

"It?s a juror that we like a lot, that Mr. Woods likes," says Wood?s attorney, "and he would like to have her as one of the deliberating jurors that reaches a verdict in the case."

A separate jury acquitted Wood?s fellow defendant Robert Ellis Wednesday night on murder and attempted murder counts. A third jury convicted Dexter Bostic, who was with the two other men when Timoshenko and Detective Herman Yan pulled them over for a routine traffic stop in July 2007.

The presiding judge instructed Woods' jury to be back in the courtroom at 2 p.m. Monday.

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