BROOKLYN - The Homecrest community is bidding farewell to a neighborhood pharmacy that shut its doors after three decades in business.

Morris Drugs is set to be replaced by a Walgreens. The owner, Vincent Grandelli, says he was reluctant to leave, but when his lease was up and the rent was increasing, the mega-chain bought him out.

?I was approached, and it took two and a half years to finally get me out of here,? Grandelli says.

As Grandelli prepared to shutter the doors of his business for good, he says that come Monday, he?ll be scratching his head, looking for something to do to fill his days.

While Morris Drugs may seem like another old pharmacy, to some people in the community, including Marsha Freibaum, it was a home away from home, and they are sorry to see yet another mom-and-pop shop go.

?It?s like a part of my life,? Freibaum says. ?I feel like a part of my life is going.?

Customers say the low prices, the discounts and the friendly service at Morris won the community over.