BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - A Brooklyn mother claims she has evidence that will reverse the 25-year-to-life sentence her son is currently serving for murder.

Doreen Giuliano says she went undercover to reveal that one of the jurors from her son?s, John Guica, case was unfit to serve because he knew some of the trial witnesses and was biased. Giuliano says she lost weight, tanned her skin and began dressing provocatively to lure the juror, Jason Allo, and tape him confessing to his biases. In one of their conversations, he admitted to knowing witnesses.

According to Allo?s attorney, he did nothing wrong in keeping quiet about his associations. Giuliano hopes the information will help reverse her son?s sentence. Guiliano says she has another appeals court date set for January that will deal specifically with the evidence she gained going undercover.

The district attorney?s office declined to comment until Giuliano files her appeal in court.