BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn mother filed a $1 million lawsuit Thursday against the city, Department of Education, NYPD and the officers who were involved with her child being handcuffed.Taniesha Pearson says cops handcuffed her daughter, Imecca, now 11, in January. According to Pearson, her daughter was playing around on a school bus with other children when officers got onboard. Pearson says her child was targeted for not moving quickly enough.

"He treated her like she was a criminal," says an outraged Pearson. "She's not a criminal. All she did was not sit down when he asked her." Pearson says her daughter suffers from attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.According to police, the child was a danger to other students, so officers restrained her to calm her down.

The family's attorney, Norman Siegel, says he wants the law to change so that no child under 13 can be handcuffed in New York City.

"We should not be handcuffing our children with metal handcuffs when there's no criminal activity," Siegel says. "We allege that Imecca was one: falsely arrested, two: unreasonably seized and three: assaulted."