BROOKLYN - An official plea from Michael Mastromarino, who is charged with stealing body parts from corpses at several Brooklyn funeral homes and selling them to hospitals for transplants, was delayed Monday when sickness prevented his attorney from appearing in court.

Mastromarino was previously scheduled to enter a guilty plea last week, but the district attorney tried to retract the deal that was offered to Mastromarino. Prosecutors said they had not taken the emotional and psychological toll Mastromarino's alleged actions had on the families of the deceased victims.

The judge, however, ordered the DA to stick with the original agreement. Mastromarino was offered the deal in exchange for his cooperation into the investigation of his suspected co-conspirators.

Mastromarino is expected to appear in court on Friday to enter his plea and could spend up to 50 years in prison.

Prosecution asks for time to finalize body parts deal