BROOKLYN - Brooklyn had more speedy drivers caught than any other borough during a 48-hour crackdown this week. 

The NYPD released the results of its enforcement initiative, and more than 1,200 summonses were doled out in Brooklyn Tuesday and Wednesday. Overall 4,814 people across the five boroughs were stopped for going too fast. 

The two-day initiative was all part of an effort to make all city streets safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

Police say it is important to obey the speed limit because there are so many pedestrians in the city.

Studies show that someone struck by a car going 40 mph has an 85 percent chance of dying, but at 30 mph, the chance of death is cut by about half that. 

The city speed limit on most local streets is 30 mph, but the NYPD has been adding more slow zones with reduced limits. Fines for speeding range anywhere from $90 all the way up to $600, and may include up to 11 points on your license.