EAST FLATBUSH - A Brooklyn mother claims the Department of Education reported her to the city's child welfare agency after she told them her daughter was being bullied and abused by her own teacher.

Genae Simpson's daughter is a fifth-grader at P.S. 235 in East Flatbush. She says her daughter's teacher has been physically and mentally abusing her since October. In one incident, Simpson claims the teacher flipped her daughter's desk and told her to leave the classroom. In a separate incident, she says the teacher shoved her daughter and was verbally abusive.

At a meeting with school officials, Simpson says the school’s principal called her daughter a liar while she was disrespected and belittled.

As a result of that meeting, Simpson says she went public with her allegations of bullying at the school. She says school officials reported her to the city's child welfare agency in retaliation. An ACS spokesperson confirms a complaint was filed Friday, but would not indicate where the claim originated from.

Community advocate Tony Herbert has since spoken out on the family’s behalf.

The DOE refused to comment, but says it is investigating and that it takes the allegations seriously. Simpson is now consulting with an attorney.