BROOKLYN - Police arrested a Brooklyn woman Thursday and charged her with murder two weeks after she fatally shot a man in the middle of a basketball game, investigators say.

Veronica Nickey, 40, allegedly shot 22-year-old Ellison Butler in the chest because she believed he groped her 13-year-old daughter, according to police.

"She was being provoked and nobody likes being provoked," neighbor Joseph Adams says.

According to police, Nickey confronted Butler at the Lincoln Park basketball courts on June 27. Witnesses say Nickey shot Butler, and then tried to shoot him again, but her gun jammed. A bleeding Butler ran to a nearby restroom, where he collapsed.

Butler's friends say the slain man was a little cocky, but not a troublemaker.

"He wouldn't mess with [anybody]," says Jason Lowe, one of Butler's close friends.

Nickey, held Thursday without bail, is the wife of a 14-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, according to her friends.