BROOKLYN - The mother of two men shot to death by police officers over the weekend held a press conference Friday, calling on the district attorney to start an investigation.

Dale Baptiste?s sons, Dwyane and Kayshawn, died Sunday when two plainclothes officers fired 18 bullets at them. Police say the shooting was justified under department guidelines because the men got out of a car and fired into a fighting crowd before charging at one of the officers. The officer ordered the men to stop, police say. When the brothers refused, the officers opened fire.

However, City Councilman Charles Barron questions the official version of events because he says evidence suggests the brothers were shot in the back. He wants the district attorney to press charges against the responding officers.

?So if they lunged at you and they have guns, and you returned fire, how do you get to shoot them in the back ?? Barron says.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says there will be further investigation into the shooting.

A funeral for the two men will be held Saturday at the Elim International Fellowship. Following the service, Baptiste says she will ship the bodies of her sons to their native Trinidad.