BROOKLYN - The mother of a 10-year-old girl from Flatbush with a mysterious illness is appealing to doctors around the country to find a cure.

The daughter of Dianne Brown, Jewel, was born with no genitalia, no cervix, no colon, a very small bladder and kidneys that hardly work. In addition, she is deaf.

The girl has been in and out of the hospital her entire life and underwent dozens of surgeries, but the battle with the disease, which doesn?t even have a name, is far from over.

With the help of state Senator John Sampson (D), Brown is hoping to meet with cutting-edge medical experts from around the country to obtain the organs her daughter needs with the use of an experimental tissue regeneration technique. This new method is currently available only in Boston.

"They do it by using your own cells to make organs and tissues,? Brown explains. ?They regenerate them, and then they use a cast as a mold, and it makes the shape of that organ."

Brown?s mission goes beyond finding a cure for Jewel. She says she wants to be a voice for families with special-needs children, and she hopes Jewel will be able to live a somewhat normal life.