BROOKLYN - Subway riders who use the G train should expect an easier commute starting today.

The MTA says there will be a 25-percent increase in afternoon and evening G train service. This comes after an extensive review of the subway line that has proven to become increasingly crowded for residents of Brooklyn and Queens.

These changes also come in addition to G train improvements the MTA has previously agreed to, in response to last year's full-line review.

A number of the changes include: stopping the four-car train at the same place on the platform every time, adding public addresses at all 12 G train stations to enable real-time updates, allowing trains to wait at Court Square -- the last stop -- with all doors open longer, in an effort to spread through the train, instead of bunching up near the only open door, and, finally, running morning trains at more evenly spaced intervals.

Commuters say they are more than welcoming of the changes, and are glad the MTA is listening to feedback and taking action.

MTA officials say the changes will help the nearly 125,000 people who use the G train on an average weekday.