BROOKLYN - The MTA has outlined new fare and toll hike proposals that could soon have commuters reaching deeper into their pockets.

Officials say there are four different options on the table, all aimed at raising money over the next few years to close the MTA's $277 million budget deficit.

One plan would raise the base MetroCard fare to $2.50 for a subway or bus ride, while another would keep that rate the same and rely on higher priced multi-day passes. The varying proposals could increase the cost of a 30-day unlimited pass from $104 to either $109 or $125.

Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) riders are facing a ticket hike of up to 9 percent. Drivers may not be spared either, with a looming 50-cent toll hike for E-ZPass users, and a $1 increase for cash users at most city bridges and tunnels.

The public will be able to comment on the ideas during several public hearings beginning next month. The changes would go into effect in March 2013.