BROOKLYN - The suspect in the assault of an MTA bus driver on Jan. 29 surrendered to police Tuesday, authorities say.

Thyutmose Clark, 18 years old and flanked by his mother and Rev. Kevin McCall from the National Action Network, turned himself in at the NYPD's 67th Precinct.

Clark's mother says her son, who has mental health issues, was having an episode at the time of the alleged assault. She says her son asked to exit the bus and the driver refused because they were not at a scheduled stop.

That's when Clark allegedly attacked the driver in an incident caught on surveillance video. The video appears to show Clark pummeling the bus driver.

Clark's mom blamed the bus driver for the incident, saying he should have let her son off as asked.

News 12 reached out to the MTA and the transport workers union to ask about the protocol for letting people with mental health issues get off the bus early, but neither has responded.