BROOKLYN - The long-awaited makeover of the run-down ?F? subway stop in Park Slope could be put on hold with the growing budget deficit of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The MTA had recently promised to restore windows and get a new roof for the dilapidated 4th Avenue and 9th Street station, and local residents say it is about time.

But now, the MTA may not have the funds necessary for the renovation, despite the recent fare hike. That leaves straphangers wondering, where does their money go?

?I haven't seen any benefit or any sort of improvement in services or anything like that,? says Ryan Nanni, a commuter. ?So it's frustrating overall.?

According to the MTA, however, a full rehabilitation of the 4th Avenue station was never an option. It only planned to renovate the platform, but even that is off the table at this point.

Local residents insist, nevertheless, that the MTA should keep its promise to the community.

The MTA says it is premature to discuss its budget. There will be a meeting July 23, when the public will receive additional information.