NEW YORK - Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced today that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has made progress toward offering more subway service for the Monday morning rush hour commute.

As of this morning, subway service between Brooklyn and Manhattan has been restored on the F, 2-3 and 4-5 subway lines. The J train is running over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and the D train is running over the Manhattan Bridge. The South Ferry station, once submerged under water, has now been pumped dry, although service will not be normal tomorrow.

Cuomo and MTA officials cautioned that riders should expect delays because of problems with equipment that had been deluged in water. The MTA is also bracing for increased ridership due to the gas shortage, officials say.

The MTA is now working to resume service on the Q train between Astoria Queens to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, M train service from Queens to Brooklyn and A train service from 168th Street in Manhattan to Lefferts Boulevard in Queens.

The L train and the G train remain suspended with no estimated timetable for resuming service.