CANARSIE - A plan proposed by the MTA to repair damages caused to the subway during Hurricane Sandy could close the L train for three years. 

In order to make repairs to the L train in Canarsie, the MTA says it is considering shutting the subway down for the duration of repairs, estimating it would take about three years.

According to published reports, the Manhattan-bound and Brooklyn-bound trains run through separate tunnels, so the agency is also considering keeping one tunnel open as they work on the other.

An estimated 220,000 commuters use the L train daily while traveling between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Some commuters say if the MTA does decide to close the L train for an extended period of time, they should offer other services for free to those affected.

Although the plan has not been set in stone, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz confirmed that the agency is looking at multiple ways to complete the required work, but refused to address the specifics of a possible L train shutdown between the boroughs.