CONEY ISLAND - The MTA is weighing two fare hike options that include a discount for some Brooklyn and city commuters.

The first plan raises single-ride bus and train fares to $2.25 from $2 and ups monthly MetroCards to $79 from $76. The second plan keeps the single-ride rate at $2, but decreases the cost during off-peak hours to $1.50; monthly MetroCards would increase to $82.

Many commuters complain either way, the cost is too high. "I think it's a little too much because the unemployment rate is still too high," a straphanger said. "We just can't afford it."

Councilman and City Council Transportation Committee Chair John Liu agrees, saying the MTA needs to justify the hike. City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. and the state comptroller have also advised the MTA to hold off on a fare increase.

Commuters will get to voice their opinions on the proposals during a public forum sometime in November. Fares could increase by early next year.

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