BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn high school senior is preparing to march for the second time in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Talent Unlimited High School senior Lauren Klasewitz says she received the gift of music while attending Marine Park's I.S. 278 from her then-band director.

"I didn't know what instrument to play," Klasewitz said. "I heard about the flute, so when we were about to play, the teacher just shoved the flute in my hand and said 'here, play the flute.'"That encounter led her to play the piccolo and later enabled her to land a spot in the Macy's parade. The senior got her second chance to play in the band that kicks off the parade when she sent in a CD to apply again.

Only one thing stands in her way now. "It costs a lot of money and I really want to do this. It costs like $1,200." Klasewitz says the money is needed for meals, lodging and sightseeing during the four days she'll spend practicing for the parade.

The student hopes to attend Oberlin College next year.