BROOKLYN - Republican lawmakers in Albany proposed suspending the state gas tax Wednesday to ease the pain at the pump.

Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno is leading the pack in calling for cutting 32.4 cents per gallon. State Republicans claim that the cut combined with federal and local cuts could save drivers $10 when they fill up. The gas "vacation" would run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

With the price of gas hovering around $4 per gallon in New York City, News 12 watched one driver spend $75 to fill up his car. Fed-up customers are on board with the plan.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and other Democrats criticized the Republican plan as an election-year proposal, saying temporarily eliminating the tax would create a $500 million hole in the state budget. They say gasoline suppliers could end up raising prices due to the troubling economy, which would negate any savings for drivers.According to Silver, the Bush administration is responsible for high gas prices and the remedy should come from the federal level, not the state level.

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