BROOKLYN - House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was in Brooklyn Wednesday to see the city's pre-K program in action.

The house minority leader was joined by Mayor Bill de Blasio and School Chancellor Carmen Fariña, who are promoting universal pre-K as a necessity for every child in the 21st century.

They met with a pre-K class at P.S. 123 in Bushwick to see how the program is helping students prepare for kindergarten.

Congresswoman Pelosi says universal pre-K is a nonpartisan issue that both republicans and democrats agree is crucial to a child's early childhood development. Where the two parties differ is in how to fund a national program.

"We agree it has to be paid for but it has to be paid for, not offset by cutting some other initiative that strengthens working families but by an initiative that brings more revenue," says Congresswoman Pelosi. 

There is currently a bi-partisan bill in the house to expand pre-K nationwide, but Pelosi says it's not likely to pass this year.