BROOKLYN - The Brooklyn Navy Yard is filled with a rich past, and now it's displaying its artistic and historic side as it opens its doors to the public for the first time.

"You'll walk by the Navy Yard, it's closed and there are guards everywhere," says Carolyn Feidzdel, an art connoisseur. "You don't really know what's inside, but there's this amazing culture of successful artists that are producing amazing work."

The Navy Yard isn't all about art. It carries quite a bit of history, too. Visitors can hop on board a bus tour to check out the old hospital and surgeon's house, or they can check out the country's oldest dry dock, which still works.

A bus tour will take visitors around the Navy Yard every first Sunday of the month, organizers say. As for the artists, they say they definitely want to have more open houses in the near future.