BUSHWICK - A Bushwick woman with a background in theater and the restaurant business is renting out her services to Brooklyn residents who miss their moms.

Nina Keneally cooks and gives advice for residents in their 20s and 30s through her service, called Need A Mom. 

"There seemed to be a need for someone to talk to for some people,"  says Keneally, who is in her 60s. "[Someone] not their own parent, who doesn't come with all the baggage." 

Hannah Fazio, 28, is one of Keneally's clients. She's a creative arts therapist also based in Bushwick, but her family lives in Minnesota.

"It's very helpful to sort of run ideas by Nina," Fazio says. "So it's like mentor-mom territory."

Need A Mom costs $30 to $40 an hour, plus expenses.

But while Keneally offers support to her clients, she doesn't do laundry.