BRIGHTON BEACH - City Council members are insisting Brooklyn?s beaches are fading away, and they are blaming the neglect on the federal government.City Council members say the government has not fulfilled its responsibilities to fund the maintenance of city beaches at Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Seagate?s Shorefront. Council Member Michael Nelson says due to their current state, extreme weather could destroy the beaches completely. Members say every year that passes swallows a few more feet of the beachfront. They say Seagate?s beachfront has suffered the most erosion. Plans for a $15 million reclamation were recently cut.Council members say maintenance delays are a result of a funding cut of tens of millions of dollars at the hands of the government. The government is supposed to handle 65 percent of the funding for beach maintenance, and is therefore relied on heavily. The Army Corps of Engineers typically handles maintenance every 10 years. They last attended to the Brooklyn beaches in 1995.