BROOKLYN - Vandals removed a portion of a religious boundary hung by members of a Crown Heights Jewish community, police say.

The Eruv is a string used as a border surrounding an area where Jews are allowed to carry items that would normally have to be left home on Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.

Members of the Modern Orthodox Synagogue Kol Israel on St. Johns Place say they recently expanded the footprint of their Eruv in June to include the neighboring Lubavitch Hasidic Community. Members of that sect of Judaism oppose the use of such boundaries.

Critical religious leaders spoke out against use of the Eruv, and signs appeared in the neighborhood forbidding people from using it. Some in the Lubavitch community also complained that it felt like an outside synagogue was trying to impose its own traditions on their community.

But News 12 also spoke with members of that community who said they doubted someone would damage the Eruv and cause a fellow Jew to unwittingly break the Shabbat.

Then someone cut the strings on multiple occasions, according to members of the Kol Israel.