CLINTON HILL - A Clinton Hill methadone clinic is causing problems for neighboring business owners who complain their bottom lines are at risk.

The Fort Greene Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program has been at Waverly and Fulton for nearly 40 years. Methadone is used to help people with addictions to drugs such as heroin.

A restaurant owner argues that patients have forced him to open his eatery early to curb loitering. Others say patients' behavior is just unacceptable.

"If you're going to urinate in front of someone's store, of course, that's gonna affect your business," says Charles Edwards. "No one's gonna want to come if someone's standing there urinating when you walk up."

The senior vice president of the company that runs the clinic maintains that clinic security guards are trained to combat such issues. He adds that violators are warned and face being kicked out of treatment if need be.

Clinic representatives, police and officials from the district attorney's office will meet Jan. 24 at the Brown Memorial Baptist Church to address the issue, according to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries.