BROOKLYN - It was a big day in Brooklyn for the city's Department of Sanitation. 

More than 100 new workers from the 2013 graduating class were officially sworn in during a ceremony at Floyd Bennett Field. Their first job was the big snowstorm that hit last November. 

The department's 43rd commissioner was sworn in as well. Katherine Garcia has been at work for a month now. 

The event also included special recognition for two sanitation workers. August Cocuzza and Jay Visone were collecting trash on Staten Island on April 11 when they smelled smoke and jumped into action, alerting and helping to evacuate a dozen people from six burning homes before completing their route. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio was in attendance, and thanked them all for their hard work during this year's brutal winter. He called Cocuzza and Visone just two of the many brave men and women who represent "New York's strongest."