BROOKLYN - There is a new farm at the Pink Houses NYCHA complex in Brooklyn.

Residents decided to create a half-acre community farm after roof construction eliminated smaller community gardens around the development.

Eric-Michael Rodriguez, the farm manager, says that the farm will be tailored to the tenants living at the complex.

Rodriguez also says that the land is ripe and they will grow a variety of crops, like green callaloo, malabar spinach, hot peppers, collard greens and pulled beans.

"I think it's better for all of us, we all can come out and see the fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, see where they're coming from, see who's planting and we all can be a part of it," says Margaret Sheppard, of East New York.

The East New York Farms Project is overseeing the process.

The food grown on the farm will be distributed back to the residents every Thursday in the area's community center.

Rodriguez says that all the crops will be planted by August. The goal is to allow residents to plant year-round.

Farmers say that other housing complexes could also benefit from a community farm.