NEW YORK - With the new year comes a number of new laws taking effect across the city and state.

The laws include a statewide minimum wage hike to $8 per hour. The minimum wage has been the center of a national debate in recent months, and New York is one of four states to get ahead of the argument by agreeing to a raise in 2014.

In response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, New York will now require the legal owners of assault weapons to register with the state. There's already a recent ban on high-capacity magazines and the sale of AR-15 semiautomatic rifles.

In New York City, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill adding electronic cigarettes to the Smoke-Free Air Act. E-cigarettes are now prohibited in public places, including restaurants, parks and beaches.

One more bill coming out of the city’s final legislative session requires the Department of Sanitation to determine the recyclability of Styrofoam, which could lead to a ban of the material from restaurants, food trucks and retail stores beginning in July 2015.