BROOKLYN - Brooklyn's NYCHA buildings have begun to receive new lighting in an effort to increase safety, the mayor and the housing authority announced Wednesday.

As News 12 has reported, the multimillion-dollar program began in 2014, but now more than 500 new fixtures are lighting up public housing complexes in the borough. The proposal came a month after the stabbings of two children in a NYCHA elevator in East New York. PJ Avitto, 6, lost his life in the attack.

The Boulevard Houses in East New York is one such complex benefitting from a $5 million investment. The completed project, covering more than a dozen NYCHA facilities, is expected to cost $140 million.

According to the mayor's office, there have been no murders reported at the Boulevard Houses since the project began. There has also been a 75 percent reduction in robberies.

Surveillance cameras will also be installed throughout the summer to continue increasing safety.