BEDFORD STUYVESTANT - After a study finds disturbing numbers of sex offenders taking up residency in Brooklyn, a plan has been announced to keep local children at a safe distance.The report, issued by Congressmen Anthony Weiner?s office (D-NY), found more than 72 sex offenders living in Bed-Stuy alone. The study also shows Brooklyn is home to the most high-risk sex offenders in New York City. Weiner says more than a third of the 671 sex offenders in Brooklyn live two blocks or fewer from schools. Weiner and Congressman Ed Towns (D-NY) are proposing a $100 million plan to better monitor sex offenders.The money would fund GPS tracking for offenders living within two blocks of schools, expand online search capabilities for parents and community members and stricter penalties for those sex offenders who do not register their residency.Weiner?s office says studies show high-risk sex offenders must be thoroughly monitored. It say more than half of all sex offenders are likely to commit another sex crime within 25 years of their release.