BROOKLYN - New video has been released in the case of a man fatally shot inside the Borough Hall subway station.

The video appears to show a retired corrections officer coming up the stairs, approaching 32-year-old Gilbert Drogheo and shoving him. An argument appears to take place afterward and a gunshot rings out.

Officials say that the incident followed an earlier encounter on a Brooklyn-bound subway.

The victim's family and friends say the video shows the retired corrections officer provoking Drogheo. They say they are confused as to why he hasn't been charged. They say they're asking District Attorney Ken Thompson to convene a grand jury.

A police source tells News 12 there is still a possibility that the retired corrections officer could be charged, but they are waiting for all the video and evidence to come in before they go forward.

The District Attorney's Office says it is still investigating to see whether or not to bring this case to a grand jury.

One other person has been arrested in connection to the shooting. Officials say the victim's friend, Joscelyn Evering, of Brooklyn, has been arrested and charged with menacing and two counts of assault. He was arraigned Thursday and will be back in court on March 17.