BROOKLYN - An investigation has revealed that Whole Foods is taking more money out of shoppers' wallets than it should be. 

The city's Department of Consumer Affairs looked at stores throughout the boroughs and found that Whole Foods routinely over-weighted its pre-packaged products, resulting in overcharging customers. 

The products included meats, dairy products and baked goods, with overcharges ranging anywhere from 80 cents to nearly $15. The DCA says its inspectors are calling it the worst case of mislabeling they have ever seen. 

Meanwhile, Whole Foods told the New York Post that the allegations are not true. 

In order to protect your money at the supermarket, officials say you should always check your receipt, hold stores to their advertising and make sure scales start at zero when weighing your items. It's also recommended that you weigh pre-packaged goods on your own to make sure the price is accurate.