BROOKLYN - Federal investigators are looking into a controversial deal to sell the Brooklyn Heights Library, according to published reports.

A New York Post report claims that the developer behind a plan to convert the library into condominiums had made political donations to Mayor Bill de Blasio's campaign.

The mayor's office says it has no knowledge of any investigation into the developer, Hudson Companies. It also says the company was awarded the contract on the merits of its bid.

The Post's report, however, says that the winning developer offered the city millions of dollars less than other bidders.

"Its bid provided the best overall package for the library and the community at large, including the most affordable housing," the mayor's office said in a statement.

But community activists have long opposed the deal, which some described as "corrupt" and "a very sad state of affairs."

Marcia Rimler disputes the claim that the redevelopment would have the community's best interests in mind.

Rimler and a group of activists have filed a lawsuit over the plan.