BROOKLYN - Recovery has gone well for the 7-year-old survivor of a double stabbing in East New York, and she can’t wait to get back to school. 

News 12 Brooklyn visited Mikayla Capers, who was stabbed 16 times in the elevator of her NYCHA-owned apartment building while on the way to get ice cream nearly three months ago. Her friend, 6-year-old PJ Avitto, was killed in the attack. 

Capers, with only a few visible scars left, is doing things she enjoys again, such as playing in the park and singing. But her family says it's been a tough journey and she still doesn't have a home. 

Her loved ones have been struggling to find a new apartment and want to keep Capers out of all dangerous areas. They're now waiting for paperwork to go through and hoping that it will all be settled before the first day of school. 

Capers say she's looking forward to getting back to art and math classes, and wants to be an actress when she grows up. Her family says they're just grateful every day that she has a future now and they only want her to have good memories from now on.