WILLIAMSBURG - A Brooklyn restaurateur was named Pizza Maker of the Year.

Nino Coniglio started making pizza when he was 13 years old, and now he is a nine-time world champion in numerous categories.

Coniglio says he is most proud of being named Pizza Maker of The Year in March at the International Pizza Expo. He brings the honor back to his shop, Williamsburg Pizza, priding himself on the ingredients that make his pizza so special.

"We just put a lot of love and care into it, you know, we use double-zero Caputo flour, imported from Italy, the high-gluten Americano blend, we make our own yeast, sea salt, we make our own mozzarella," Coniglio says.

Coniglio has also won championships and traveled the world while on the U.S. Pizza Acrobatic Team. He also created his own team called the Brooklyn Pizza Crew.