DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn court heard the chilling details of Nixzmary Brown?s final moments via her stepfather?s taped confession, which was played during a pretrial motion Wednesday.

On the tape, Rodriguez calls his 7-year-old stepdaughter a ?little devil? who threatened to ruin the family. He also describes dunking the girl?s head under water, beating her and leaving her to die after she ?stole? yogurt from the fridge. Nixzaliz Santiago, the child's mother who is also charged in the case, sobbed in court.

Defense attorneys are trying to get the couple?s confessions thrown out because they claim officers failed to read Miranda rights to Rodriguez and Santiago. The officers denied any wrongdoing when they took the stand Tuesday.

News 12 Brooklyn sources say more charges could soon be filed against Santiago. Her attorney is arguing she was also a victim of her husband.

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