GRAVESEND - The idea of completing a marathon is daunting, but a woman with multiple sclerosis is going to run five marathons in as many weeks. 

Lewis took to the track at P721K for 262 laps, and she’s doing it all with crutches. She wants to prove to the school of 500 children with physical and mental disabilities that anything is possible. 

Some students got in on the action by walking the course with Lewis. 

"By crossing the finish line, that is really just the start to the beginning of the rest of their lives because that sense of accomplishment carries over to so many other aspects of their life,” says Lewis. 

Lewis is the head of Achilles Kids, which in the past has given free sneakers to kids that complete 26.2 miles, the length of a marathon. 

Lewis has two more marathons to complete, the next one in Queens and the final one will be in Marine Park.