BROOKLYN - October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and experts say many people with disabilities struggle to find jobs because of discrimination.

YAI, a social services agency serving individuals with developmental disabilities, is helping people in the community overcome the stigma.

The nonprofit paired Bari Winters, 36, with Kimberly Pantin, an employment training specialist. Winters says she had difficulties finding employment in the past due to her developmental disability.

Pantin says she works with 21 students at YAI, teaching them interview skills and how to dress and talk on the job.

Due to the training Winters received at the nonprofit, she obtained a job as a sales associate at Old Navy. She says the role is perfect because her co-workers and customers respect her for who she is.

Winters has been in the position for over a year.

Pantin says it's important for people to understand that people with disabilities are like everyone else.