BROOKLYN - A national nonprofit looking to overturn wrongful convictions is making serious accusations about the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office.

Torin Keely and her group Blind Justice are going on a media blitz by releasing three national ads that call for accountability within the office. One ad profiles a recently overturned conviction and says there was clear misconduct by prosecutor Mike Vecchione.

"The NYPD detective who identified the misconduct to the DA's office in the habeus corpus proceeding said that he knew Vecchione and that Vecchione was not involved,” the DA’s office said in a statement. “Therefore, one wonders if Blind Justice is just plain blind or worships fiction."

A study completed by the University of Michigan and Northwestern Law School showed that Brooklyn leads the boroughs when it comes to overturned convictions.

The DA's office says its accountability office is one of the few in the country, and it helped overturn the wrongful conviction of David Ranta, who was imprisoned for more than 20 years for a murder he did not commit.