BROOKLYN - Frustrated Williamsburg residents asked a developer Tuesday to accept the city's $100 million offer to buy his property and turn Bushwick Inlet into a park.

The proposed park would be near North 12th Street and Kent Avenue, but inside of the boundary is a storage property owned by Norm Brodsky. 

Brodsky rejected the city's offer and tried to sell his property for more money at private auction. His attorneys did not return News 12 requests for comment.

The ordeal has been ongoing for about a decade.

Activists who oppose a private sale say the site will likely require a major environmental cleanup, and because of zoning restrictions, would be unsuitable for the development of luxury condominiums.

"I can't believe he hasn't got the message," says Steve Chesler, with the group Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park. "We will not allow anything to be built on the land but a park."

Local elected officials say the city will push for an eminent domain takeover of the land if Brodsky continues to refuse the offer.

The mayor's office says it is only focused on "the negotiated sale."