BROOKLYN - Registered nurses rallied citywide Thursday over what they say is a staffing crisis.

Nurses from Maimonides Medical Center in Borough Park were among those protesting. They gathered outside the hospital with signs demanding change in order to provide better care. 

The nurses say the day of rallies came after months of negotiations over staffing levels. They claim the nurse-to-patient ratio is unacceptable and unsafe, and has only gotten worse in the last couple of years. 

Overall, thousands of nurses from 14 different hospitals across the five boroughs took part in the staffing protests, but it doesn't end there. Many will be heading to Albany next week to push for legislation that mandates higher staffing levels in all units. 

A spokesperson for Maimonides confirms that the hospital has been in negotiations with nurses since October. It said, "Progress has been made in these sessions, and we will continue to work with the New York State Nursing Association toward an agreement."