BROOKLYN - New York City officials say some New Yorkers staying in homeless shelters will now have to pay rent.

The policy, which the commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services says has already been implemented in the rest of New York state, charges homeless shelter residents who have income from jobs. According to the New York Times, one single mother living in Manhattan will be charged $336 of the $800 she earns a month as a cashier.

The Department of Homeless Services says the policy will impact about 2,000 homeless people in New York City. Homeless advocates say the policy will drain shelter residents of their savings.

"It will only result in homeless families remaining in shelters for longer periods of time," Patrick Markee, of the Coalition for Homeless Services, says in a statement.

City officials say the policy will be applied to new shelter residents first, but will eventually reach all shelter residents in the coming months.

AP wires contributed to this article.