NEW YORK - A new report card is out grading Mayor Bill de Blasio based on how many campaign promises he has fulfilled on education policy after more than a year in office. 

The children's advocacy group NYC Kids PAC gave the mayor widely mixed reviews. Among the high marks, de Blasio received an "A" when it comes to cellphones for reversing a longtime policy from the Bloomberg administration that banned students from having them. 

De Blasio also got an "A" for halting school closures and making an effort to instead turn around failing schools. The group then gave him an "A-" for arts education and a "B" on testing. 

Low marks include "D" grades for co-locations, space planning, and parent engagement and input, with the report complaining that interaction between principals and parents is still not mandated. 

The group gave out an "F" for class sizes, saying that de Blasio has not lived up to his promise of looking into the problem. He also received failing grades for diversity, and transparency and accountability. The reports says his administration has not been as up-front with details as they said they would be. 

Other categories in the report card have grades listed as incomplete for the time being.