BROOKLYN - A new detailed report has been released by the New York City Schools Commissioner of Investigations about the disappearance of autistic teenager Avonte Oquendo.

According to the report, the security guard at P.S. 277 who saw Oquendo run away didn't follow him because she was the only one assigned to the post and was talking with visitors to the school. Officials say the main principal was hesitant to put the school on lockdown after teachers noticed Oquendo was missing. The principal eventually did after much time had passed and the NYPD had joined the search.

The report also found the school is understaffed to handle students who require constant attention, like Oquendo did. Oquendo's mother had previously told the school her son had the tendency to run away and needed constant supervision. The investigation found her message was never received by school officials.

The report advises Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina and the Queens district attorney to take additional disciplinary action against the school if they think it's necessary

Oquendo's remains were found in the East River this past January, three months after he ran out of his school.