BROOKLYN - An East Flatbush landlord accused of being the city's third-worst landlord by the public advocate says he's shocked to learn of the complaints against him.

Assemblyman Rick Perry joined tenants in the lobby at 196 Rockaway Parkway to criticize landlord Yechiel Weinberger’s maintenance of the building.

Longtime tenant Valerie McPherson says it's a good thing this year has been unseasonably warm, because the building rarely has adequate heating.

She also says there's a rat infestation, and the ceiling in her apartment has collapsed.

Weinberger says he's surprised to hear of the complaints against him. He says he brings in an exterminator every month and has a repair crew on site at all times.

But critics disagree.

"I think it's laughable that he can be shocked -- he was just listed in November as the third-worst landlord in New York City," says Sunny Noh, of the Legal Aid Society. "He was previously listed the year before as the fifth-worst landlord. This can't be news to him."

Noh says the Legal Aid Society plans to file a lawsuit against Weinberger seeking repairs and adequate heating at the building.